Today's (11th May 2018) Daily Horoscope

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  • 11 May 2018 14:44
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You don't hog the ball. No, you pass when it's time to pass. You shoot when it's time to shoot. You play defense when it's time to play defense. You're not calling tricky plays except when it's a good time to call a tricky play. You don't ham for the camera. You don't have chocolate stains on your jersey. You don't expect to be voted MVP. But you wouldn't mind being so, either. Good for you!

You're always interested in questions of how what you're doing fits into a larger context. You might wonder about your work's impact on the environment, your work's impact on your community, or your work's impact on society at large. Right now, you'll be particularly interested in these sorts of questions, and you could well get some very interesting -- and perhaps even spiritually satisfying -- answers. So how do you fit into the grand scheme of things?

You've got a knack for getting your message across clearly and convincingly. Maybe you're ready for a bigger audience? Whether it's a new fund for the children's hospital or a new design approach for the next ad campaign, it's almost a sure bet that your concept will take with the public. So the question is how do you expand your public? Set yourself to work on this project and here's a bet that you'll figure something fabulous out.

Today is a good day to slow down a little. Take a long hard look at what you've accomplished lately. Count everything, not just the big things. Have you made your bed most days? Point for you! Have you brushed twice a day, and flossed at least once? Big points! Have you, in the last week or so, told at least one person you're close to that you appreciate them? Really gargantuan big point! What does your list of accomplishments look like?

Have you ever heard of 'gilding the lily'? It means overdoing something so much that you turn what was already beautiful into something way over-the-top (and tacky). There's the danger of doing this today, so try to keep your fantastic taste at bay and leave well enough alone. Things are going to do their best if you leave them be. It's tough to hold back when you get a strong vision, but if you wait you will be much more satisfied than you could have been otherwise.

You need to do your stretches this morning because the wider you can spread your arms the better. Reach out and bring all the energy floating out there closer to your heart -- it's key to enjoying this magical day for all it's worth. Surprise a stranger with a friendly question and watch the effect you can have on others. Your ego is going to get many small bursts today, and you could do some good for the egos of everyone you come in contact with too.

Burbling deep inside you is a huge, raging, powerful burst of creativity that's itching to be released; the inspiration may not come until later today, but it will come. Suddenly, a brainwave will rush in and you should grab whatever's around you to fulfill your vision. Do what it takes to make a physical thing out of your ideas -- whether that means making a playlist, cooking up a fabulous meal, or writing the next great American novel, it will take you to the next level.

You've been on quite a productive streak lately, and that is not about to change anytime soon. Some folks are starting to forget what you look like, so you might want to slow down and return a few phone calls. Check in with your support network and let them know you're doing well -- they only need a quick update for the guilt trips to stop! Your confidence is booming, and they love the changes in you -- despite your absence in their lives. Soon you'll be able to spend more time with them.

Achieving the perfect balance in life is next to impossible -- but you need to make the effort today. Pay attention to your 'must haves' in life and fight for them! You must have respect, you must have freedom and you must have affection. Finding all three in one place is tough, but entirely possible. Evaluate your current situation and ask for what you're missing. An uncomfortable sacrifice may be required, but in the end, you'll thank yourself for fighting for what you believe in: Yourself.

Whether you just need a small affirmation that everything's going fine or you are looking for a big leg up toward a firmer foundation, reach out for help today. There are people on the sidelines just waiting to get in on the action of your life. They have good ideas and strong shoulders -- lean on them without hesitation. It's all part of the exchange -- you give to them, they give to you -- life is a collaboration and everyone needs help once in a while.

Visions are important today -- your imagination, dreams, and fantasies offer you insight and confirm a few suspicions. You've been in a fog about someone for a while, and a conversation with a mutual friend will illuminate some facts of which you were previously unaware. Don't get discouraged. Instead, be upfront and crystal clear about what you need and what you want. Go right to the source. Today is not a day to leave things open to interpretation.

Introspection isn't the same as hibernation -- just because you feel like looking inward today doesn't mean you have to turn off your social life. So say 'yes' to that invitation without feeling guilty that you're not working on bigger personal issues. In a social setting, you'll get the clues you need to make further progress on your own happiness. Being popular isn't a burden -- it's a source of strength, so get out there and mix it up with your friends.

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