Daily horoscope for Tuesday May 15

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  • 15 May 2018 15:29
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It's not like you to hold back when you have something to say. In fact, it's so completely out of character that when you do, your friends start asking who you are and what you've done with the person they know. They'll start asking that question now, mostly because every time a certain subject comes up, you'll refuse to discuss it. Why put them through this? Give up the goods. You know you want to.

Enough with the babysitting, caretaking and worrying about everyone else's feelings but your own. It's officially time for you to renew your interest in yourself. Start by scheduling a nice, long talk with a loved one -- someone you're absolutely sure you can trust. You definitely won't have a problem finding someone to pour your heart out to. Anyone who knows you will consider it an honor.

You're witty, sharp and funny, and you learned a long time ago to listen to your gut. At the moment, that built-in radar is telling you that there's something coming up. The good news is that what's on the agenda isn't going to be at all unpleasant. You'll probably end up being quite delighted with the surprise the heavens have in store for you. In the meantime, grant an audience to someone who's asked to speak with you in private.

You've heard all the rumors about love at first sight -- about how it's possible to meet the love of your life through a blind date, an oddly coincidental circumstance, or when your fingers touch as you reach for the same salt shaker. It's all true -- but what if it's love at second sight? After several years? Anything is possible, especially now. So when a friend offers to introduce you to someone who's just perfect for you, don't be surprised if you've already met.

A higher-up has issued a proclamation that you're not exactly going to be tickled about -- some new rules that are really a step backward. While you're not going to be happy, you'll have to live with them -- temporarily. Of course, this could be the excuse you've been looking for to change jobs, but don't do anything just yet -- wait a few weeks. You may be able to work things out with just a little bit of effort -- and some of that legendary charm.

This morning will be full of raucous energy, though it won't necessarily be fast-paced or pressure-filled. Just hang on tightly until the excitement blows over (which should happen by midmorning). The rest of the day will be the calm after the storm, offering you a lot of quiet time to make some important decisions and get stuff done. There's also going to be a fresh feeling to the latter part of the day. The morning storm will have washed away a lot of clutter and grime.

Still in the mood to stay home and forget about the rest of the world? Well, if you're attached and you can afford to take some time off, see if you can't talk your sweetie into doing it with you. There's something about a day away from everyone -- especially when it wasn't on your schedule to start with -- that brings back memories of carefree times; when taking a risk was bold and exciting -- like when you played hooky in high school.

Right now, you're the kind of person who insists on depth, intensity, and passion in all your encounters, so anyone who wastes your time with meaningless chatter won't garner a second conversation. At the moment, however, you'll amaze even yourself at how much you'll enjoy chatting with someone you thought you had no interest in -- on just about any topic.

You've spent most of your waking hours thinking about one particular person -- someone from the past. Now, finally, you have the chance to actually spend some time alone with them. You've got a lot to say, and you're finally ready to say it -- and they do, too. Let them go on as long as they like -- first -- then take your turn. Think of it as an investment in the future. If the adage holds true, the third time is a charm -- and doesn't this make three?

You're all set up for an extremely romantic evening -- and if you're lucky, it could last for quite some time. A neighbor or sibling -- someone you haven't seen in a while -- will likely want to have a serious heart-to-heart conversation. Go ahead. Don't worry about ruining the reunion. Once you two have decided where you're at, where you were before and where you're going now, you'll end up being a lot closer than you were 'back in the day.'

Things have been kind of crazy lately, and your loved ones haven't been sure what to do with you. That's why your phone has been ringing off the hook. You've done your job, however, by being patient, even with the old-timers who insist on repeating their advice over and over again -- and that's really all you can do. So when you're asked for your counsel, you might wonder why. Consider the possibility that they may trust you, too.

Here's a nice, quiet day for you, the stuff that lovely memories can be made of -- especially if you already know how the stories turn out because you've shared them together. The heavens are primed for romance, tenderness and the exchange of truly meaningful words. Spend as much of it as you possibly can with someone who's always cared for you as much as you've cared for them. You know exactly who to call.

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