Padmavati, Radha - Krishna, Sita – Ram, Hindu Deities and Dharma – Are these subjects humiliated and misrepresented by Bollywood and TV channels ? – Report by Dr. Ramesh C Raina

  • by Dr Ramesh C Raina
  • 17 November 2017 18:10
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Hue and cry over the release of Padmavati a Sanjay Leela Bhansali Bollywood movie is on air across India and in the Indian populated overseas Countries. This is not the first time such demonstrations have happened over the release of a movie. I took almost 6 months to gather my thoughts and decide to write something about these controversies. Frankly, till today morning I thought it was a publicity hype created by the makers of Padmavati. I still believe so maybe I will prove myself wrong on Dec 1st, 2017 the date of release of the movie. These days movie makers, Politicians strategies publicity stunts and hype in similar ways. Bhansali was shooting Padmavati in Rajasthan when some Rajputs attacked him and even dragged him by holding his hair. The act was criticized by the actors of the movie and in general Bollywood fraternity. At that time, I appreciated in my heart the publicity stunt of the makers of the movie well before the release of the film. I thought makers might had engaged a good branding and marketing company to give publicity impetus to a historical movie.

I still am not sure about the intensions of the makers of Padmavati as well as Shri Rajput Karni Sena. Karni Sena is Rajput organization operational in India. I will open up the story on two important aspects. I) Distortion of Hindu Facts and Faith ii) Ratings and Box Office collections.

Distortion of Hindu Facts and Faith

People have been watching Bollywood movies and TV serials, which have carries stories on Radha and Krishna, Sita and Ram, Temples, Shiv and Parvati, Durga , Lakshmi , Kali and other deities of Hindus. Do you remember any movie or TV serial which has not distorted the facts or which has not molded the original stories and made it just entertaining for the audience, perhaps there is no such movie which has represented out deities, lords, and the God in original form? These Bollywood producers, script writers and Directors have tried their best to distort the great and pious image of Hindu Dharma. Radha became just a dancer in India and she was deliberately showcased by the Bollywood and the TV serials like that. Our youth know Radha as a beloved of Krishna and a great dancer. They know Krishna as a women lover who had married 16000 women. Films and Serials projected Rama as a anti women person because he after washer-man’s remarks had left Sita. People Know lord Shiva as a lord who used to smoke and chew cannabis “Bhang” and roam freely across mountains. These Bollywood movies and TV serials have casted Parvati, Sita , Radha , Durga in short dresses, exposing their bellies and arms and exposing their chest areas in awkward positions. If you have forgotten, please watch Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan , Chopras Mahabharat , serials, religious movies and TV serials , you will definitely recall the scenes and the intensions of the movie makers.

I will give you few examples, remember the Scene of Raj Kapoor’s Ram Teri Ganga Mali Ho Gayi. Just observe the title he has given reference of Ram and the Ganga. In the Movie, he showed Mandakini almost naked and even on some occasions breasts of the actress were exposed in a bad taste. He connected cleanliness and purity of Ganga and Ram with flesh trade and prostitution. Another example is again of Raj Kapoor produced movie Satyam Shivam Sundram. He Picturized Song Ishwar Satya Hai on Zeenat Aman with full body exposure. Remember PK an Amir Khan starrer movie, in that movie Raj Kumar Hirani left no stone unturned to defame Hindu deities and Dharma. Remember how badly he represented Shiva’s character in a Ram Lila. Another movie OMG showcased that Bhagwan is powerless and people need not to have faith in Him. Again, Bhagwan was exposed in that movie. TV serials and the films have often pushed people towards miracles of Hindu Deities. These movies and the TV serials have always made people to believe that miracles are more powerful than the sacred remembrance of the Bhagwan. These movies have made Bhagwan limited and diluted His omnipresence, omniscience, and His vastness.

Making a film or a TV serial is of course not a crime but it should not be at the cost of the faith a person or persons. It should not adversely impact the general welfare of people and it should not distort the originality of our scriptures and Vedas. When these Bollywood producers and writers try to entertain people, and earn money and start distortion of the facts, the problem starts. The most important thing is that it only happens with Hindu Dharma only and no one dares to do it with other faiths.

Sum Up

• Making a movie or a TV soap is not a crime but distorting the facts is at least for subjects like religion and history.
• Mostly Bollywood producers have played with the sentiments of Hindus.
• In movies and TV serials Hindu Devis were exposed enough by showcasing them in short dresses, transparent sarees, small blouses, etc.
• Bollywood and TV producers have humiliated only Hindu religion and made it entertaining, to earn money. No such experiment has been done with other faiths in India.
• These movies have mispresented Hindu lords in the scripts.
• They are responsible for deviating people from sacred path to the path of miracles. People now believe more on miracles than practicing Dharma as per the teachings of Scriptures. Sai Baba’s miracles were picturized in such a way that Shirdi satrted converting from a sacred village to a modern hi- tech city. Same fate was met with Shri Vashnav Devi cave. Mata ke Bhajan , describing miracles of Mata by Narendra Chanchal attracted millions to the cave and the pilgrimage slowly converted from a pious place to a commercialized location and a picnic spot.
• These movies and TV serials are responsible for converting religious, sacred places of Haridwar , Mathura, Varanasi, Trupati Balaji , Vashnav Devi, Char Dham , Amar Nath, Shirdi into tourist and picnic places.
• Toilet Ik Prem Kahani could not found any shooting space in India but Mathura. It misrepresented and highlighted dirt and filth of Mathura as if it only happened on the pious birth place of Lord Krishna.
Ratings and Box Office Collections

I have done various TV programs of my show “Discovery of Spiritual India” with prominent saints of India and the story tellers from Mathura, Haridwar, and other places. The general view of these saints was that Bollywood has damaged Hindu Dharma more than Mughals and English people could do as rulers. They say that Bollywood producers, and TV serial producers keep two points in mind while making a film or a serial, first is ratings and second is Box office collections. Ratings of a movie are scored when it attracts majority of audience and the viewers. Collections depend upon the frequency of foot falls. More a movie is watched more money it can earn. People visit cinema halls or watch TV serials mostly with word of mouth. An entertaining movie attracts more audience and earns more money. Therefore, movie makers and TV serial producers are helpless to distort the facts and originalities.

Bollywood and TV has done injustice with many historical events and facts also. Story on the great Ashoka has been differently presented by different producers many times. May be in case of Padmavati which is not only a queen for Rajputs but they worship her, injustice with the originality might have been exercised but before watching the movie no comments can be put forth here. The facts and the promises of Sanjay Leela Bhansali will get testified once the movie is released.


One thing is very clear that Censor Board should comprise of subject experts and they should not focus on certification of the movie only but the validity of the content of every historical and religious movie. These two genres need extra care, because these subjects are not created, conceived or perceived but they have their originality. These events had occurred in the past so fair presentation needs to be taken care of.

Religious and Historical genres are different than fictions and creating a romantic story. Subject experts can understand these subjects nicely than the Censor Board chairman and its members.

Dr. Ramesh C Raina is a journalist and a researcher and is Editor in Chief of, an integrated media house. You can freely write to him on

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