Celebrating the New Year 2018 by Brahma kumaris Mount Abu

  • by Brahma Kumaris Mount Abu
  • 19 December 2017 13:39
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As the New Year approaches, the excitement for celebration is again visible. People are planning family feasts, and hotels and restaurants have been booked for New Year parties. TV channels are gearing up to rollout their festival specials, and gift shops and florists are looking forward for doing some great business. Everyone is waiting to bid goodbye to the old times and embark on a happy new journey. But, as the proverb says, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

We may be planning to usher in the New Year with merry making, but we need to pause and think about what the future really holds for us. Let us take stock of the ground reality and find out if there is really something new and better in store for us. International surveys and studies confirm that everything around us is going through a downward trend; both humanity and nature are headed for tougher times.

According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the world population is racing to reach the 7.7 billion marks. This is putting acute pressure on the earth's dwindling resources. The divide between the rich and the poor will worsen in the times to come, and less and less people will corner more and more of wealth. This means that more people will be forced into deprivation and disease. Man-made creations will continue to conquer the creator. More of artificial intelligence will replace human resources and skills, and the Virtual world will rob many more people of real-life experiences.

Due to the absence of the human touch, life and relationships are likely to become shallower.

The light of the conscience will continue to get dim, and the unidirectional current of moral corruption will sweep away many more lingering on the border line of values. Violence, crimes, scams and scandals will become more rampant, making women, children and the underprivileged more vulnerable than today. The grim scenario will drive more people towards mental illness and suicide. With the passage of time, signs of impending destruction will become more evident. Natural calamities will take a heavy toll on life and resources. And amid all this, the most powerful nations will continue to refine their nuclear weapons, thereby drawing Armageddon closer.

So, with signs of a breakdown all around us, there seems to be nothing good about the world turning a year older. The old-world order has clearly outlived its useful life. All the charm and grace has been lost, and what's left is a mere drag.

It is a universal law that when evil reaches its peak, it brings about its own destruction. Simultaneously, the law of eternity ensures that life and nature go on forever, and a dead end is never reached. This means that the impending destruction of the old-world order will take place along with the establishment of the new world order.

This auspicious transition has already been initiated by divine intervention. It is being carried out through God's obedient human instruments-those who have committed to honour His will. By taking the path of self-purification, they have chosen to become keepers of goodness in these troubled times. They are the life boats placed by Him around the sinking ship of humanity.

As the current cycle of the world drama moves closer to its end, the Brahma Kumaris centers around the world standout as lighthouses in the enveloping darkness. By spreading His message and bringing lost souls from around the globe under His umbrella, they will eventually usher in the golden new world, which will be full of happiness and free of sorrow.

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